The brand was created according to the principle from colleagues for colleagues. We want to share with you our passion for Motorsport and tuning from the 80-90s. All our products are created in a limited quantity, there will be no resumption of production or re-edition. Thus, you can be sure that the clothing you’re buy is unique and one of a kind. We make everything to ensure that the clothing created for you is always of the highest quality, which will directly translate into your satisfaction.

E30 Meeting Poland

The largest meeting of BMW e30 lovers in Poland, as probably biggest in Europe. Limited event for two hundred BMW e30’s from Poland and guests from other countries. Created thanks to the Forum, developed successively from year to year with a unique atmosphere created by e30 lovers and beautiful e30's. During e30 Meeting Poland we have a lot of e30’s fans visiting us from Estonia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Belarus and Russia.

Forum BMW-e30.PL

Established in 2006, operating to this day. Bringing together e30 lovers from all over Poland, as well as Poles abroad. A huge database of information and advice on the topic BMW e30, range from purchase advice to various modifications. Thanks to its existence, we start first Meeting for e30 lovers from forum, today known as E30 Meeting Poland. With the support of its users, the decision was made to create Petroholix brand. .